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Lunchtime Streets

For three lunchtimes in the first week of September 2019, Chancery Lane will be closed to vehicles.
The City of London initiative, called Lunchtime Streets, will take place on Chancery Lane on:

  • Tuesday 3 September
  • Wednesday 4 September
  • Thursday 5 September

The closure will start at Carey Street going up to Southampton Buildings. This space, reclaimed from vehicles, will be transformed into an outdoor picnic area with a variety of information stands and food stalls. The attached presentation shows how the street will be dressed.

There are some loose themes to the event but a full event plan will be issued nearer the time:
  • Tuesday – Health and wellbeing
  • Wednesday – Active travel
  • Thursday – Chancery Lane showcase

Would you like to know more? Email nicola@nfpr.com

The road closure timings are as below.
For more information on the road closure, and access concerns, please email rdr@cityoflondon.gov.uk

Road closed to traffic: 10.30am
Set up: 10.30am to 12pm 
Activity: 12pm to 2pm
Clear up: 2pm to 3pm
Road reopens to traffic: 3pm


This website is brought to you by the Chancery Lane Association (CLA). For more information please contact nicola@nfpr.com.

In 2006, the CLA was formed by local landowners and occupiers with a vision to be the custodian of the historically significant and unique location which is Chancery Lane. Over its first decade, the CLA has contributed to the re-imagining of the Lane, promoting an improved streetscape and championing the changing characteristics of the community who live and work here.

In its second decade, the CLA remains committed to continuing and expanding this role as ambassador for and custodian of this prestigious street, cementing its reputation as a notable location within the rich tapestry of London’s architecture and heritage, animated by activity from its notable institutions. The 10-point charter sets out our aspirations for Chancery Lane as we embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

  1. To promote Chancery Lane as a welcoming and vibrant street, open to all.
  2. To communicate the changing profile of the street, home to diverse and exciting occupiers.
  3. To actively engage with the Local Authorities and Transport for London to ensure the best outcomes for the day-to-day management of Chancery Lane.
  4. To help deliver a streetscape is modern, fresh, clean, uncluttered and maintained to the highest standards.
  5. To provide leadership in matters related to security and safety.
  6. To seek strong relationships with neighbouring BIDs and where appropriate adopt BID best practices.
  7. To improve wayfinding along the street and in the immediate vicinity, promoting connectivity to the north, south, east and west.
  8. To champion creative ideas to transform underused patches along Chancery Lane into pleasant spaces to dwell for workers, students and visitors alike.
  9. To show imagination in telling Chancery Lane’s story to a wider audience and to enhance its reputation as a destination with a unique history and character.
  10. To provide the impetus and means for the lane’s institutions and businesses to collaborate closely on ideas and events with each other and the CLA.


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