A message of support and hope

Just to let you know, that like you all, we’re adapting to the new – temporary – circumstances.

No-one could ever have imagined this scenario – the country on virtual lock down for what would appear to be the next 12 weeks.

That doesn’t mean that everything has to grind to a halt, though we’re all much missing social contact and our hearts go out to all businesses and employees affected, particularly those in the hospitality and service sectors who are facing such uncertain times.

This week we would have been supporting the Midtown Business Club’s Health Wealthy event featuring the lane’s own Preventicum, URBANFITNESS London, Central Health Physiotherapy, Pure Sports Medicine and Bupa. Obviously the event has now been postponed. And we’ve had to hold off applying for new dates for the Cursitor Street Food Market.

We know that all businesses will need a huge amount of support to get back to normal and we’re working on a plan to be able to better support and champion the area than ever before. Perhaps we can even try to surpass normal.

In the meantime we will do everything we can to sustain some semblance of community and continuity during these extraordinary times, and we’re liaising with the City of London Police and the Met Police (read some of their advice here) and talking to contacts at TfL and Northbank BID – even our friends at the Army Reserve at 10 Stone Buildings – in case there is information we can helpfully pass on. Sadly, there is the potential for a rise in criminal activity as the area becomes less busy and to this end we are working with partners on how best to remain vigilant.

Let’s all look after each other. And if you don’t already follow us on Twitter at @mychancerylane please start today, or if you would like to join either the CLA Retail Forum What’s App group or the Business Watch What’s App group, please reply here.

We usually hold the CLA summer party in the early summer, and have already discussed with Framestore to go back there again as it was so popular last year. So without fixing a precise day and time quite yet, let’s say we shall all meet then.

For more information please contact
Nicola Frost
07787 538070